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Two Key Factors When Making a Choice of Patio Awnings

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No matter how you find staying outdoors enjoyable, chances are you would like to have some protection against the scorching sun or the biting cold when the climate changes. Homeowners who have outdoor living spaces but have not installed a shelter will find they end up utilising these spaces less when summer and winter roll around, as the al fresco lifestyle would be unbearable. Luckily, you do not have to resort to the construction of a permanent structure for you to make the most use of your patio. A convenient solution would be installing awnings that you can use all year round. Below is a concise list of two key factors to bear in mind when choosing patio awnings.

Operation of the awnings

Although there is a vast assortment of awnings that you could choose from, they can be split into two broad categories, which are stationary awnings and retractable awnings. Your choice of either group would depend on a few things. For instance, if you have limited space or are looking to cover a small area, stationary awnings would be ideal for your patio. Conversely, if you would like to shelter a wide area and live in a location that experiences erratic weather change, a retractable awning would be best as it gives you the flexibility to open and close them at whim.

If you do decide to go with retractable awnings, there are two more considerations that you would have. Retractable awnings come in two main modes of operation: manual and motorised. Manual awnings are more cumbersome to operate, but they tend to be more affordable than their motorised counterparts are. Motorised awnings would also be particularly convenient for large awnings, as you would not have to exert yourself when opening and closing them. You can even choose to invest in automatic motorised awnings that come with weather sensors that signal them to open and close depending on the prevailing conditions.

Fabric of the awnings

The next major factor that would help you narrow down your options in awnings is the type of fabric these covers are manufactured from. PVC is one of the materials that are on trend in the awnings industry as it is highly durable. No matter what weather elements it is exposed to, PVC is highly resilient and will not easily succumb to wear. Nonetheless, PVC may not be an ideal choice for people living in hotter climates.

Since PVC is not breathable, your patio can become overwhelmingly hot when the awnings are closed. For warmer climates, canvas would be an ideal option as it facilitates ventilation. Moreover, canvas provides your patio with UV protection.