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Window Coverings: Designing Your Home with Interior Plantation Shutters

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Interior plantation shutters are the ideal alternatives to blinds and drapes. Therefore, you should consider choosing this option if you are redesigning your home. In general, a plantation shutter is built using a solid frame onto which louvres are placed. This design has an elegant appearance which can complement both traditional and modern homes. Also, the louvres are made from solid panels, so maintenance is quite simple. On the other hand, the performance of your plantation shutters will depend on your design choices. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve the best results with new shutters.

Choose the Right Shutter Material

When planning to install plantation shutters, you should think about the fabrication material of the products. Your choice will determine the appeal of the window treatment as well as the structural performance. There are two primary material options: natural wood and composite. Natural wood has a beautiful and warm look. It will enhance your interior space with its authentic charm. However, you should note that wood is vulnerable to moisture damage.

Composite or faux wood is an engineered material which mimics the appearance of timber. Its visual quality is not as high as natural wood. However, the derived plantation shutters perform better than wood in humid spaces. 

Think About Divider Rails

There are some unique features which are integrated into interior plantation shutters to enhance appeal and performance. One of these important elements is the divider rail. Divider rails are designed to separate the louvred panels in the shutter. This setup allows each section to operate independently. For example, you can choose products with a divider rail between the top and bottom louvres for bathrooms. You can open the upper section and leave the lower panels closed for privacy. 

Establish an Installation Layout Pattern

You should think about your installation design pattern before purchasing your plantation shutters. In general, these coverings are more expensive than blinds and drapes. Therefore, you might not be able to place them in every room. Planning will ensure that you achieve optimal decorative effects inexpensively. The most important guideline when planning your layout is uniformity. If you want to install the plantation shutter in one window, the rest of the windows in the space should have the same. Also, the coverings should present a uniform appearance from outside for ideal curb appeal. If you would like to manage total costs, consider combining the shutters with simple wood blinds.

Finally, if you want to soften the clean shutter look, you should hang some complementary curtains.