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2 Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

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It's no secret that Australians love their outdoor living spaces. Whether it's a deck, patio, verandah or balcony, having a comfortable and attractive outdoor space to spend time in is a top priority for most homeowners. However, not all outdoor living spaces are created equal, and you may have one that doesn't quite capture the desired feeling of your space being an al fresco extension of your indoor living space.

Fortunately, even the starkest outdoor area can become a more beautiful and comfortable space with a few simple alterations. Here are two ideas that will help transform your outside area into a modern and stylish outdoor living room.

1. Outdoor blinds

A great way to make your outdoor living space feel more like an outdoor room is to introduce some blinds. Outdoor blinds work in much the same way as their indoor counterparts, but they are made from more durable and weatherproof materials for outside use. They can be roll-up blinds which are attached to the roof or sliding panels which run along tracks on the floor.

Outdoor blinds can provide shade, privacy and an attractive look to the space. They can also provide shelter from the wind and the rain during the cooler months, helping to make your outdoor space an all-year-round living area instead of simply a fine weather room.

2. Attractive lighting

Many decks, patios, verandahs and balconies are fitted with either no lighting at all or with the horrendous strip fluorescent lighting that was so popular in decades past. This means they may be unlit for evening use or well lit but with a harsh, unflattering and clinical light. Rethinking the lighting for your outdoor space is an excellent way to update the area and add some character.

A popular choice of lighting for this purpose is recessed halogen light fittings. These small, round lights are fitted into small cavities in the roof space and provide soft, ambient and contemporary illumination. For something with a bit more pizzazz, a striking and decadent outdoor chandelier can give your outdoor living area the wow factor you are looking for.

These two easy, inexpensive but highly effective additions can help to create an outdoor living space that is welcoming, beautiful and a joy to spend time in. Contact your local outdoor blinds and outdoor lighting suppliers to find out about the range of options they have available for your outdoor living space.