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2 Stylish And Functional Window Dressings To Consider For Your Sunroom Or Conservatory

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Sunrooms and conservatories are a popular feature in many Australian homes. Featuring large windows as the dominant feature instead of solid walls, they're a wonderful space to spend time in when the colder weather means that it's unpleasant to be outside for long. The windows have a greenhouse-like effect, allowing the warmth of the winter sun in and providing a visual connection with the great outdoors.

For many people who have a sunroom or conservatory, the very feature that makes them an attractive space during winter can make them rather unpleasant during the warmer months. The expanse of glass can make the room unbearably hot and can also cause the rest of the home to heat up significantly more as well.

If this is the position you find yourself in, then adding some appropriate window dressing to your sunroom or conservatory windows is a simple yet effective way to combat these issues. As well as blocking out the heat in summer, these two stylish and functional window dressings can also help to add privacy and keep the warmth in once the sun has set in the winter.

1. Curtains

For a soft, elegant and formal look, curtains are the ideal window dressing for a sunroom or conservatory. They can lend the space a cultured, charming and luxurious feel that's difficult to recreate with less decorative window dressings such as blinds.

When choosing curtains, make sure you opt for a material that's designed to resist fading and yellowing from prolonged sun exposure. Ideally, you should also choose material that has an insulated backing to provide the most effective thermal barrier against the heat and the cold.

2. Plantation shutters

If curtains aren't your style and you prefer a more streamlined and simple look, then plantation shutters are a fantastic option. These shutters are incredibly versatile, giving you complete control over how much light, sun, ventilation and privacy you'd like in your sunroom or conservatory.

Shutters also look amazing. They add a popular and timeless feel to a space that isn't based on passing modern trends. They also work equally well in both modern and edgy styled rooms and rooms that have a more traditional and rustic feel.

To find out what window dressing will be the right fit for your sunroom or conservatory, it's an excellent idea to visit your local window suppliers showroom. You'll be able to get a more accurate feel for the different styles, and you'll have expert staff on hand to answer any questions that you might have.