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Why Blinds Are Best For Your Child's Bedroom

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Decorating your child's room can be quite exciting. Most parents will be focusing on accessories such as lighting, cabinetry, bedding and more to ensure that the theme and colours seamlessly blend in. Window furnishings tend to be the last consideration as they are simply purchased to complement the overall design of the room. What these parents are not considering is how crucial their choice of window treatments can be to the well-being of their child. If you were considering buying curtains for your child's bedroom, you should read on to learn why blinds would be a much more suitable option.

Blinds are hypoallergenic

Curtains and drapes may make a room appear plush and cosy. However, their fabrics are absorbent. Over time, the curtains in your kid's room will attract contaminants, dust mites, pollen, dander and a host of allergens that could aggravate any repertory issues that your child may have. Moreover, since these curtains absorb dirt quite easy, you would be tasked with having to launder them on a regular basis or risk your child falling ill. A more suitable alternative for your child's room would be blinds. These window treatments come in a myriad of materials such as vinyl, aluminium and more. The non-porous nature of these materials not only means they will be easier to keep clean, but they would also not be a haven for pollutants.

Blinds are safe

Another thing to note about curtains is that they could pose physical danger to your child. Kids are naturally inquisitive. If your offspring is especially boisterous, chances are they will be tempted to swing on the tie cords or the curtains themselves. Before you know it, the curtains will have been pulled away from their hooks, or your child will have sustained an injury by trying to climb the curtains and falling. Since blinds fit snugly on the window, you can be assured that your child will not be able to reach and tug at them. Secondly, opting for motorised blinds eliminates any tie cords that would be tempting to play with.

Blinds facilitate nap time

Every parent can attest to the fact that it can be quite difficult to get a finicky child to nap when they do not want to fall asleep. One trick that you could use, though, is creating a nighttime ambience, which would make it easier for your kid to doze off. Blinds are capable of doing this in a couple of ways. Firstly, the blinds will block out all natural light when they are closed, significantly darkening the room. Secondly, the blinds provide some degree of sound insulation, preventing sounds filtering from the street and disrupting your child's nap time.