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How to Make Your Guest Room Seem Larger

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Guest bedrooms tend to be the smallest in the home. If you have larger bedrooms, then these are usually occupied by the family members you share your home with. As such, guest rooms tend to be the smallest ones available because they get the least-frequent use. 

The trouble with this approach comes when guests stay at your home overnight. If you feel a little embarrassed about the amount of space your spare room affords your guests, then read on to discover the tips that leading interior designers use to make small guest rooms appear bigger than they actually are.

Get Rid of Your Double Bed

Double beds might be the standard in hotel rooms and master bedrooms, but why does a guest room need one when you might only be hosting a single guest? The increased floor space that you achieve by removing a double bed and replacing it with a single means that the room will feel instantly more spacious. Of course, this course of action need not mean that you can only put up a lone guest overnight. A mattress trundle that sits underneath the first single bed is a common enough feature of guest rooms these days. Simple roll the trundle out and raise it up to the height of the first using fold-out legs to create a double bed, or two singles, when needed. What could be simpler?

Install Space Saving Units

Furniture is needed in any bedroom including your guest room. However, it need not occupy too much space. Built-in wardrobes, which run from floor to ceiling, are the best way of providing guests with adequate storage room for their belongings while maximising the available room. They are particularly effective in dormer bedrooms which have sloping ceilings that you cannot fit stand alone wardrobes in due to reduced height. Tall chests of drawers are also a good way of saving space with furniture because they take up less floor space for the amount of storage you get.

Add More Light

Rooms always feel that bit more palatial when they have plenty of light. Smaller rooms can do with spotlighting being installed. Spotlights create multiple points of light that reduce the perception of dark areas formed by shadows. Another good tip is to get rid of heavy curtains which restrict natural light and take up space unnecessarily. A simple roller blind will make your guest room lighter during the day and more spacious when pulled down at light compared to drawn curtains.