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Interior Design Tips: Simple Ideas for Decorating Your Walls With Frames

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If you are planning on redecorating your home, you should think about improving your home by using photos and pieces of art. These elements, combined with the appropriate framing, will help you give your interior space character. In addition, you can use various styling tricks and tips to bring out your preferred taste and personality. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve the best results during your framing project.

Choose Your Framing Type

You should choose the ideal frames for your art and photos for your interior décor. These elements are critical as decorative elements, and they are necessary for stabilising and protecting the pictures. There are different types of frames to consider for your home. Therefore, you should evaluate the benefits of the options before choosing the ideal one. You should compare the different framing materials on the market, including metal, wood and plastic.

Metal and wood frames are favourable because they are strong and durable. Moreover, there are diverse designs which can be used in both modern and traditional homes. If you have a contemporary space, you can choose simple, minimalist designs. If you are planning on making your space more traditional, you can opt for ornate framing styles. Plastics are less expensive, but they can look cheap. So, you must be cautious if interested.

Create a Gallery Wall

You should think about creating a gallery wall in your home. Under ideal circumstances, creating a gallery wall involves installing a range of photos, pictures, art pieces and wall hangings on an empty wall. If you have a diverse range of pieces, you should consider using simple frames to create a cohesive effect. For example, plain wooden frames in neutral colours will harmonise an eclectic gallery wall. If the frames are intended to act as the décor, you can acquire unique ornate pieces for a unique effect. Smaller homes might not have sufficient space for a gallery wall. If this is the case in your house, you should use large-scale art pieces to prevent a chaotic design and ensure maximum visual impact

Display Fabric Pieces

You should consider displaying some fabric wall hangings in your home if you are not interested in traditional photos and art. The right fabric décor, such as tapestry and decorative scarves, will give your home a warmer or more homey look. You should note that you can install custom frames around your fabric décor. The frames will define the hangings, minimise their movement and preserve their structure after installation.

Contact a company that offers framing services for additional advice.